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Top News, If the FIR of the attack on Imran is not filed within 24 hours, the SC issues a suo motu notice

The PTI pioneer was injured on November 3 while leading the party’s massive walk-in in Wazirabad, Punjab, when he was targeted by a gun attack. Muazzam Nawaz, a PTI ally, was killed on the occasion while Imran and 14 others were injured.

The issue came in the wake of a contemptuous protest by the interior services against Imran for allegedly ignoring the Supreme Court’s May 25 ruling that set limits for the party’s “Azadi Walk” rally in Islamabad at the time.

The appeal was seen by a five-member jury that included Boss Equity of Pakistan (JCP) Umar Ata Bandial, Equity Ijazul Ahsan, Equity Muneeb Akhtar, Equity Yahya Afridi, and Equity Mazahar Akbar Naqvi.

On the off chance that the FIR of the attack was not documented, JCP Bandial took steps to bring suo motu notice to the conference.

He further questioned the Inspector General (IG) of Punjab, who attended the consultation through video association from the SC Library in Lahore, as to why the FIR was not registered.

He said, “Let us know when the FIR is registered,” adding that there should be a special justification for not doing so.

CJP Bandial observed that despite the fact that 90 hours had passed since the episode, no FIR had been documented.

“Without her, how could the application be initiated? Moreover, the evidence could actually be changed without an FIR,” he continued.

IG Shahkar informed the court that “we have approached the Punjab CM about registering an FIR and he has conveyed several reservations”. IG Shahkar decided to cut ties with the Punjab government and would not help the ongoing political framework in the territory controlled by Chief Pastor Parvez Elahi.

He went on to say that an FIR should be registered in the light of the main successors of the victim’s complaint.

According to Shahkar, eight IGs have been replaced in Punjab in the last four years.

Try not to let us know what options the police have; The CJP observed that our main concern is the framework of law enforcement and administration of justice.

The CJP urged the IG to “work within the law, the court is with you”.

The CJP then brought up Shahkar at that point to investigate what was going on while assuring him that no one would block his work until he was selected as IG.

“IG Sahib, do your duty. The court would get involved in their work assuming there is interference,” he said.

“IG sahib, you will be responsible in a sou motu notice,” the CJP expressed and took steps to take a suo moto notice in case the FIR was not registered.

“Know the gravity of the circumstances; there has been an attempt to kill a public chief. Investigate, gather data, and make a measurable assessment.”

FIR locked

No progress has been made towards documenting the assault case after Imran allegedly failed to remove the name of a senior commander of the armed forces from the objection, which also includes the names of the head of state and those serving within.

According to reports, Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, the central pastor of Punjab, is caught in a difficult situation as Imran, who is essentially pushing every option for an alliance that controls public power in Punjab, is actually demanding the appointment of a military leader in Punjab. FIR.

Imran re-examined the postponement of documenting the FIR on Sunday. He said the state leader, insiders and a top official should all be accused of “concocting a plan to kill him”.

He went on to say that despite the fact that three days had passed, the matter had not been booked on the grounds that the Punjab Police was “reluctant to document the FIR”. He expressed shock that while the police were ready to distinguish the state leader and the insider serves for the situation, they were stubborn in not adding the name of the tactical body in the FIR.

He said in a statement that “the concerned police officers have requested to be transferred from the post…[and] some other official could stop the FIR allocation of the suspects recognized by me.”

Examining the authenticity of the general set of laws, Imran said that even the previous prime minister could not stop the objection. Individuals who accept them are exempt from the rules everyone else follows, “which unfortunately defeats the whole engineering of the general body of laws in the country.”



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