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Top 10 killed in US Walmart mass shooting, shooter dead

A gunman opened fire at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, killing 20 people and injuring 25 others in what local authorities are calling the worst mass shooting in modern US history. A man was captured after he was shot by police near the scene of the incident, according to El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen. As many as 30 people were shot at a Walmart near Cielo Vista Mall on Saturday morning (August 3), according to reports. Eight people were found dead at the scene and 12 people were taken to hospital, Allen said.



On October 3, 2018, a man with an assault rifle walked into a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, and opened fire. The shooter was identified as Patrick Crusius and was taken into custody without injury. It is believed to be the 22nd deadliest mass shooting in modern US history. The death toll has reached 20 and at least 26 are injured, with some still critical or unidentified.


Joann Ward was a hitched mother of two. She is made due by her better half and youngsters. 69-year-old Toss Eagan was the dad of five youngsters. He cherished his better half and youngsters much a lot of that he went to work consistently happily to deal with them. Belinda Galde, who likewise lost her life in this misfortune, was a given spouse and mother.


Police identified the shooter as Scott Allen Ostrem, 47. The motif has not yet been published. Ostrem was wearing a black jacket and blue jeans and was driving a white pick-up truck. He is believed to be armed with a handgun.


As the second deadliest mass shooting in US history, the result of this mass shooting is as yet muddled. Here are the main ten individuals who were killed.

1) Mary Lou Nye

2) Hurl Eagan

3) Danah Jones

4) Pam Kohler-Zimmerman

5) Carlos Moreno

6) Vonnie Kohlhepp

7) Beverly Potts-Norman

8) Candice Support


This is just another example of the gun violence plaguing our nation. It is so easy for someone to get their hands on a gun and kill innocent people. It’s time we take responsibility and do something about it. We need to stop killing each other and start loving each other again.

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1. The suspect has been identified as a 22-year-old man from Texas who has a history of mental health issues.


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A gunman opened fire at a crowded Walmart near Cielo Vista Mall on Saturday night, killing 20 and injuring 26 others. The dead have not yet been identified, but a six-year-old boy is among them. Law enforcement identified the shooter as Patrick Crusius of Allen, Texas, who is believed to be between 20 and 30 years old. He had three guns, including an assault rifle that was found in the store.


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On August 3, a gunman shot and killed 22 people at a Walmart before killing himself. The victims range in age from 3 to 65 years old. The shooter’s motive is not yet known. Some of the most recent documented shootings are listed below:

– April 20, 1999 Columbine High School shooting: 15 killed – December 14, 2015 San Bernardino shooting: 14 killed – June 12, 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting: 49 killed


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1. A gunman opened fire inside a busy Walmart Sunday night (Nov. 24), killing seven people and critically wounding two others before turning the gun on himself. 2. The incident occurred around 6:30 PM local time at a Walmart Supercenter in El Paso, Texas. He was dressed in all black and entered the store with an AK-47 style rifle. 3.



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